There Comes a Reckoning

Recent events Thursday

December Entry

Thursday morning arrives I have a slightly annoying headache. I head down to breakfast and the group, my friends?, I’m not really sure where we stand but it seems our fates have become intertwined as of late. Since there are not many tables available I greet everyone and take a seat.

They are discussing their next plans of actions. I bring up the Walis Blount information and they should really make that a priority since it’s been a few days since he’s been missing. The longer he goes missing the colder the trail. Carney dismisses me and Eliza snaps at me asking why am I forming opinions about what the group will or will not do when I will not be attending to the events. I bite my lip and clench my fist under the table. I know we hardly know each other but I thought Eliza myself had a bit more trust in each other. I helped her out when she needed it and did not ask any questions and this is how she talks to me! The nerve! Between that and Cerney’s pity party for one I leave the table abruptly before I do something I regret.

A short time passes and Ms. Blackstone comes up to my room to apologize. I haven’t had breakfast, my headache is worsening and all the sly comments from various parties including herself over the last few days are just eating at me and I’ve just had it. If they have no respect for me than I do not need to waste my time with them. When I open the door my pent up frustration lashes out at Eliza when she is simply trying to apologize. I do accept her apology but I simply cannot let people think they can disrespect me. I’m so cumbersome with words and expressing myself though when I try to stand up for myself I end up getting more frustrated. I hope one day I will be able to gather my words when something of this magnitude upsets me but today was not that day.

I slip back downstairs and grab a quick bite to eat and some coffee. I go over a running mental list in my head of recent events. I need to write a story about the Sunday events people have been talking for a couple days now and the rumor mill is spreading. Perhaps I will go see what the Sheriff knows and talk to Cyrus if he is willing to share some details of how the monster was taken down. Since it does not seem to be a priority for the other people pervy to the information about Walis Blount perhaps I should follow up on that… I go over what I remember from the previous night and decide to start investigating. Perhaps, once I get some information I can probably at least convince Cyrus to follow up with me… If not I do have means to look into it myself.

I head over to the office of indian affairs and ask if I can talk to the Clerk. I am taken to Bear Claws office and inform him my cousin and only family left Wallis Blount has not returned to town recently and he is a bit over due. I checked at his favorite bar and they have not seen him. I know this is the only other place he visited besides meeting me for dinner. Before I make a fuss with the Sheriff I figured I would just check if he came back to town but didn’t stay for a visit. Bear Claw believe my story and opens his books to tell me that it was 8 days ago that his account is up to date and paid in full. I frown and prod for a bit more information perhaps where his spot is, maybe I can hire someone to check on him for me to make sure he is okay. Bear Claw nods and draws me a crude map of where his plot is located. I graciously thank him for the information and part ways.

I would like to go to the bar that he tends to but it is not a place I should be going alone. I don’t want people to start thinking the school teacher is a day drinker or whatever other rumor could get started. I seek out Cyrus but he is nowhere to be found.

I figure he will probably show up around dinner time so I make my rounds to my other job. I stop in at the newspaper and surprise the only other person there isn’t doing much… Sigh How am I supposed to learn how to be a good journalist with this as my only example to work with… I ask if he has heard about the on goings on Sunday. He has not but I should write something up asap.

I stop by the sheriff’s office and the deputy is at his desk. I smell my sweetest smile and ask if the Sheriff is around and I should have known he was not since it is around lunch time. I ask the deputy a few questions about what happened sunday and all he has to say was that they didn’t get there soon enough to see but the preacher was there and I should talk to him and the sheriff will be back probably after dinner.

Before dinner time I gather up my lesson plans, notes on non school related matters and sit on the far side of the room. I see Ms. Blackstone and nod he way but I continue to table that I can have to myself. When Cyrus walks into the dining area and I can see a very uncomfortable look on his face since Eliza and I are clearly not sitting together and he is torn between where to go. I wave him over and I can see a slight sign of relief wash over him as he makes his way to the table. I speak in a lower tone as to not disclose our conversation to everyone in the room. I relay the information about Blount I found and show him the map I’ve obtained. We don’t form a plan that moment but we agree it needs to be followed up on asap. I also ask him about writing the story about Sunday evening. I ask how did he know where to go and what to do? He in true Cyrus fashion says the lord told him to be in that area and he has been blessed with the powers to smite evil from this earth. We both agree to not make a big spectacle of a story and that the creature should stay confirmed as a feral bear. I told him that I will have him look over the story before I submit it to make sure he is okay with what I wrote. When the rest of the group comes back in he departs from my table.

I can’t quite hear everything that happened but Carney said something to Cyrus and the others and the all look quite cross with each other.



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