Dusky and dirty, Granger has a dishevelled appearance. His eyes are dark and he has a wild and scraggly beard that covers much of his face and neck. He has a habit of keeping his beat-up, wide brimmed hat pulled low so that assigning him any distinguishable feature is nearly impossible.

There is nothing of significance about him. He’s neither well no poorly spoken. His accent doesn’t seem to reveal any particular origin. His voice carries a gravelly edge to it and he avoids speaking at all when he can.

His clothes are tattered and unkempt and time-worn enough that it is impossible to tell their original color.


The posse found Granger sitting in a jail cell in a ghost town called Halfway. He claimed he was not a criminal but was thrown in the cell just for walking the street by a crazy sheriff.

Despite an inability to decipher his guilt or innocence, the possee freed him on account of the sheriff actually being crazy. Granger claimed to be a wanderer on his way south from Wyoming and he took his leave from the posse on their way to Shady Gulch.

He roamed through Shady Gulch sometime later, making a greeting to Johnny Clockwork and Joseph Ramsey. He said he was drifting wherever inclination took him and he’d make it south eventually.


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