There Comes a Reckoning

Business as ususal

Eliza's Journal Excerpt

I leave my room a touch early to pop off into the stables and inquire as to an upgrade in Obsidian’s boarding. The horse was most impressive before and now that I have seen how he handles the denizens of evil compared to other equines I wish to let him know I appreciate him.

After being assured of his VIP (perhaps VIH?) treatment I enter the hotel’s resturant for breakfast. It just a touch past nine o’clock, which is only minute or two past our standard morning time to dine, hoping to set plans with Mr Cerney in regards to meetings with those of import about the telegraph line. However it appears he has left for business earlier than usual. I sit and study my grimoire excited for the first new curses in over a decade, figuring he will likely head back for lunch at the very least. I haven’t been studying long when he approaches me. I am not startled by him, though he comes from the opposite direction I had expected. As such I am fairly certain he briefly saw the contents of my grimoire. He has not shown me any indication of knowing what such a text is nor that he speaks anything other than English. Regardless I would be remiss in letting myself get sloppy lest my own destiny manifests me on the shore of the Pacific as well. We discuss the telegraph and how best to conduct this business. Mr Cerney has personal matters, but invites me to his eleven o’clock appointment with Mr. Potts at the bank. I let him know I will attend the meeting and it is agreed we will meet here and walk to the bank together. I resume my studies.

Joseph and eventually Johnny join me We briefly make some polite small talk before they begin to talk of going to look for work amongst themselves. I turn back to studying my notes from yesterday, more careful of my surroundings now. Mr Cerney returns. He takes a moment to address Joseph and Johnny as they are here in his employ. He turns to me and asks if I am ready for the meeting. We leave together and move to the bank.

There are some long lines at the bank and Mr Cerney suggest we head down the hallway as we have an appointment. This does seem reasonable to me given our appointment and we head down the hallway. The office door is open, Mr Cerney checks his time piece, nods in satisfaction, and knocks on the door frame. Mr Potts looks up and moves to greet us. Mr Cerney starts his sale pitch, I am a little bit thrown by the breach of etiquette in not introducing me, however Mr Potts rectifies this and we make our introductions. Mr Cerney launches into his pitch again. I do have to say that Mr Cerney has continued to perform above the level I had originally placed him at in the meeting with Mr. Bearclaw. I am starting to believe that it was perhaps just an off day for the man. I do contribute to the conversation, but more in the support role I was anticipating. Mr Potts says he will set up a city council meeting for Wednesday.

We head out of the bank. It is nearly lunch and Mr Cerney asks if we need to break for our mid-day meal. I let him know it is not necessary for me, however those we are going to see may be eating at the time so we head to the hotel for lunch. It just so happens we have our group all together again. Though this appears to just be for the moment because Joseph and Johnny ask about leaving to go to Bismarck to turn in a bounty. Joseph is… a bit gruff, as his is style and Mr Cerney actually reacts a little more tersely than usual. Perhaps this excursion is taking its toll on the man. Ms Frost mentions she needs to discuss some things with Mr Cerney. Lunch eventually breaks up and it is decided to take some time to freshen up before more meetings.

Arriving at the telegraph office we are greeted with the smell of technology. I was expecting this, but it sours my mood regardless. The proprietor is a shorter man and this is actually punctuated when he steps up upon reaching the counter. He asks us if we are here to receive or send a message, in the most atrocious English accent I have ever heard. At one point he claims to have studied in London and grew up on the Thames, and pronounces it with the bloody Th as in the. He is a smarmy piece of work and I find him quite grating apart from erroneous accent. He does give us some excellent insight to the necessities of the project. We leave and as we walk away I just cannot contain myself anymore and let lose a rant about how he said “Thames” incorrectly four bloody times. I apologize to Mr Cerney for my outburst and after a moment or two of silence he suggests we head to the theatre to discuss the business with Jack Langrishe
It appears the current show is selections from King Lear for 5 cents. That is quite a decent price and I make note in-case I find myself with time to kill some evening. We enter and are treated to the show of a rehearsal. The director seems to command lead with the respect of his actors. I am enjoying this peek behind the curtain and Mr Cerney gathers my attention and draws it to a man in the balcony.

Quite obvious upon entering the balcony, we discover the man is a Native. We climb the stairs and decide to take seats next to him, A bit startled at first we make introductions he is Charlie Bull. Apparently this man is someone Mr Cerney has been set to meet due to some dealings with another native man Wovoka. There is an exchange about Ghost Dancers and a Wallis Blount, dealings with Natives and Chinese… It is all rather dense and a quick conversation. I dare not ask questions lest I derail our main purpose. Perhaps I will find the time to ask Mr. Cerney later. Bull heads to the stage and provides our introductions as agreed. It does have a nice sense of theatre to be in the balcony for this.

We make our way down for formal introductions. Langrishe is… interesting. He is quite skilled with makeup and it is easy to take him for a bit younger at first glance due to this. Though I doubt the look would hold up well on the streets in sunshine. He is reluctant at first, as all have been to this point. He asks us if we would like a drink and juleps are ordered, Charlie Bull acting as waiter. I generally prefer my bourbon with less pomp and circumstance, but when in Rome I suppose. We get down to business, much like the rest, liberal amounts of ego stroking seem to hurry the process of coming round to our view. There is still time before supper so we head out to find the Mayor, one E.B. Farnum. He proves a little difficult to track down with a myriad of business ventures. We finally locate him at the hardware store. He is quite a colorful character. Mr Cerney suggests I take the lead here as his mood is too sour for this one. I understand, I had difficulty shaking the blasted telegraph operator from my thoughts. I approach and make introductions. He seems perturbed but I manage to capture his attention. I appeal to his very healthy ego and with some assistance from Mr Cerney’s wallet we win over the Mayor. Feminine charms and a bank roll could make a lady queen. I suppose I am testing this theory myself.

We head to dinner with the group save Mr Clockwork. Ms Frost lays out the details of another child that appears to be plagued by the same creature as that poor little girl. A twinge of guilt passes over me again and again I remind myself it was handled by capable enough persons and I am now much better equipped to fight back against these evils.


Thanks for posting another journal. In addition to the entertainment, It helps me to keep track of things and elements of story an charcters you find interesting enough to follow up on.

Business as ususal

You are very welcome. :)

Business as ususal

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