December's Articles

Attempted Robbery at the Mint Gambling Saloon

A mysterious stranger appeared in town a couple of days ago to thwart a robbery at the Mint Gambling Saloon. Witnesses at the scene described a tale of true heroics.

A group of masked men rushed into the saloon yelling and pointing guns at the patrons, including Mr. and Mrs. Leroy. Being outgunned, they gave in to the robbers demands – except one of the town folk saw a chance and took a shot at one of the robbers, but after a night of drinking his aim was off by more than a touch. Witness accounts became confused at this point as more shots went off and everyone one was yelling or screaming.

A shout came from the back entrance that caught everyone off guard. It was a woman’s voice, though low and full of gravel – disconcerting to everyone hearing it. She stepped out of the shadows with pistols up and told everyone to simmer down. Not taking her seriously, one of the men scoffed a slur I dare not repeat. More shots were fired as men and women alike scrambled for cover. The stranger came up unscathed with the business end of her pistol pointed due south of a robber’s gun belt. Leaning in, she said something to the man that only he could hear and he visibly paled. After a tense moment he told his partners to stand down and leave the money. The mysterious lady kept her gun pointed at him as they all exited.

At the sound of horses galloping off, Mr. Leroy stepped outside to meet the Good Samaritan but she was nowhere to be found. No one could identify who saved the day since she wore a scarf over her face and a hat keeping her eyes hidden in shadow.

Whoever you are mysterious stranger, the Leroy’s want to thank you for saving their livelihood!

Bank robbery gone awry

Just yesterday it was nearly dusk when a group of bandits came rushing through town causing a commotion at both ends of main street. One group pulled up at the Green Front with guns out to hold some of the ladies hostage. The sheriff and his deputies hustled down there to take care of them but little did they know this was a distraction.

Once the sheriff was preoccupied with the hostage situation, a separate group of bandits slinked off unnoticed to rob Stebbins Bank. Shots were fired and people scattered as the outlaws jumped on their horses and rode off with the town’s funds. They nearly got away but for a lone rider who galloped after them from out of nowhere.

Witness heard a volley of gunshots followed by shouts of pain and the sounds of a scuffle. When someone finally screwed up the gumption to go see what had happened, they found one of the robbers hog tied and another sprawled on his back clutching a bullet wound to his shoulder. The rider who chased them down was standing over him and leaned down to say something as the man cursed up a storm and tried to get away. The stranger just casually stepped on the injured man’s shoulder applying boot to wound and the man yowled in pain before passing out.

After gathering up the money, the stranger handed it back to Mr. Potts who arrived to see the commotion in the streets. Witnesses including Mr. Potts said the stranger was not anyone they recognized by voice or look, just that she wore a hat large enough to shadow her eyes, a scarf covering her mouth and a loose fitting poncho. After handing over the money she stepped away and jumped back on her horse to ride off before the Sheriff arrived.

A Phantom at the Opera?

Nye’s Opera House has been having some troubles lately with props and costume disappearances and, of all the things; the chandelier nearly crushing some patrons when it fell from the ceiling! Some of the stage hands and visitors attested to seeing a strange figure lurking around the opera house before the incidents but no one was caught in the act. After talking to the sheriff about all the mishaps, he spent a bit of his precious time looking into things.The missing props and costumes were later found behind a pile of crates but the chandelier ropes were definitely tampered with.

Lizard Men

Recently Bob Riley has been telling tall tales of lizard men breaking into mining camps and terrorizing them into leaving their claims. He thought someone was going through his stuff looking to steal some tools but instead he was greeted by a 7 foot tall creature with a tail and claws. Bob said the thing lunged and clawed at his arms and face. It was startled off by some other campers coming over to see what was causing the commotion. Others in the camp say they witnessed something or someone run off into the darkness but could not confirm the details that Mr. Riley claimed. Despite his insistence, it would appear that Mr. Riley just had a bad reaction to some medicine as he was seen coming from Chinatown in possession of a small bottle earlier that day.

December's Articles

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