I have modified the rules for brawling. This only applies to attacks that are meant to be nonlethal.

The Attack

Make your fightin’: brawlin’ attack (clubs, chairs, bottles and other improvised weapons are included under the brawlin’ concentration).
The Target Number of the attack is Fair(5) plus the opponent’s fightin’: brawlin’ Aptitude level. If the opponent has a weapon with a Defensive Bonus (DB), add that to the TN also.
Called shots subtract from your roll:

  • Guts -2
  • Legs, Arms -4
  • Head, Hands, Feet -6
  • Throat or Groin (Gizzards) -6
  • Eyeball -10

If you succeed (and didn’t call your shot), roll a d20 on the hit location table (page 132 of the Players Guide). You must add +2 automatically when fightin’ and every raise made on the attack roll allows the attacker to adjust the hit location by one point up or down.


Roll only your Strength Trait dice if empty-handed (the highest die is the only one used and aces apply). If you’re attacking with an improvised weapon roll STR plus whatever damage is listed for the weapon (1d4 fora light club like a cane or bottle, 1d6 for a heavy club like a pistol butt, ax handle, or an entire chair). add +1 if the attack hit the Guts or +2 for the Noggin or Gizzards (groin/throat).
The target of your attack then makes a Vigor roll. If the damage is greater, the victim takes the difference in Wind.

No Wounds are usually caused by brawlin’ damage, however the attacker can choose to cause lethal damage if using the equivalent of a heavy club. Then damage may cause wounds and require wind rolls for every wound level.


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