Tag: Deceased


  • Bronson Hicks

    He met his second, and final, demise in [[The cursed town of Halfway | the cursed town of Halfway]] at the hands of the posse that chased him down after he and his gang robbed the Shady Gulch Bank.

  • Wild Bill Hickok

    Wild Bill came to Deadwood in the Summer of '76. He spent most of hi time in the saloons, drinking and gambling. His past eventually caught up with him and on August 2nd, he was in [[Nuttal and Mann's No 10 Saloon | Nuttal and Mann's No 10 Saloon]] …

  • Preacher Smith

    Preacher Smith was the first Christian minister to enter the Deadwood area. Himself a Methodist, Preacher Smith briefly served in a Massachusetts 52nd Infantry at the height of the Civil War, after which he studied as a doctor. Preacher Smith was later …