There Comes a Reckoning

Friday April 13th 1877

While we are having drinks at a local establishment a mysterious man enters. He is gathering a bit of attention as he orders a whiskey. He begins to speak a piece about a man. I started looking around, and sure enough someone was taking umbrage with what this strange man was saying. At first the man being spoken of seemed angry at the dark stranger. But soon he turned ashen face and drops dead. A fellow fan of theatre the mysterious stranger punctuates the death with a cheers and takes the shot down smooth. He meets no resistance as he leaves and when he does the bar is oddly quiet for a moment. It seems the fellow actually died during the speech! I accompanied Justice with the body to the Church.

As if that wasn’t enough I have just returned from confronting two men trying to spirit away a body in the night. Luckily Justice was woken as well so after observing a bit and talking about what to do we decided to confront the pair as they walked away. It turns out it’s the body of Curtis Tibbs. He is a prospector along with McReady, whom stayed back at the claim to ward of “claim jumpers”.

Wednesday April 11th 1877 - Thursday April 13th 1877

Night felt oddly cold. I was constantly on edge. Darling continued a vigil with the pregnant army wife. I couldn’t help but get up and walk the perimeter from time to time. The men seem competent, there are just so few of them for all the dangers there could be. I am not sure, but I think they are benefiting from my presence.

I had to swim across the river to bring a ferry across at an abandoned crossing. I think the boys got a show despite mine and Darling’s best efforts.

Injun attack!

They were fierce and terrifying. Steadfast in their determination to eliminate us. Not the least of which because it became clear they where corpses not content to rest. The banker was insufferable. Blathering on the whole time about how he would gladly pay to be safe. It was at this time an undead Indian Raider leaped from his horse onto our carriage! Without even thinking I found my gun under his chin. I smirked. I actually asked the banker “How much is this was worth?” As I pulled the trigger. Sadly I fear that bit of wit was lost in the sound of the shot and overall chaos of the battle.

Despite this interlude, we where able to end the day at Shady Gulch. We are quickly greated by Sheriff Truelock. He stands in refreshing contrast to the environment. Rugged to be sure, but his gravitas is posh without pretention. It seems a rather common trait amongst the middle and upper class of the American South.

Wednesday April 14th 1877

Take carriage to Shady Gulch

  • Pick up boy in the road named Hank
  • Get ambushed by Hank and his gang.
  • Took Hank and a cohort captive
  • Attacked by Mexican Dragon
  • Army wife gives birth

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