Wild Bill Hickok

legendary pistoleer and lawman


Wild Bill came to Deadwood in the Summer of ‘76. He spent most of hi time in the saloons, drinking and gambling.
His past eventually caught up with him and on August 2nd, he was in Nuttal and Mann’s No 10 Saloon playing cards. There were no seats available against the wall and he was forced to sit with his back to the door. A drifter by the name of Jack McCall entered the saloon and shot Wild Bill in the back of the head.
Bill keeled over dead clutching what has come to be known as the Dead Man’s Hand: two black Aces, two black Eights, and a jack of Diamonds.

McCall was captured and tried by a makeshift miner’s court at the Bella Union Theater. Astonishingly, the jury believed McCall’s claim that he shot Hickok over a poker debt and he also claimed to be the brother of a man killed by Hickok in 1869. He was acquitted.
Rumors abound that McCall was hired to kill Hickok to prevent him from becoming Sheriff and that some of his employers may have even been on the jury.

Wild Bill Hickok

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