Tai Yu

Shock Collar for the Iron Dragon Railroad


Tai Yu is an athletic celestial who is a little taller than average for his people. He is of Filipino descent, not than any white person would know or care. He is in his mid-20s, youthful, cocky, good looking, and passionate.

He has a stubborn and prideful way of setting his jaw and he looks for confrontation as a means of proving himself. He is impulsive. And to a fault, he almost never backs down from a fight, unless it involves women or kids. He goes out of his way not to involve them in his business.


Tai Yu works as a “recruiter” and “employee operations manager” for the Iron Dragon Railroad. Commonly, that translates to hired muscle reporting up to the local boss. Essentially he is a gang lieutentant.

He grew up near San Francisco and spent time in the Maze.

Tai Yu

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