Sheriff Seth Bullock

Straight shooter. Not one for nonsense.


Though good with a gun, Sheriff Bullock is a reluctant lawman. He has reserved demeanor though a look in his eyes reveals an intensity that is unnerving to anyone who would challenge him.


Bullock is the town’s marshal. An easygoing man, he prefers to handle problems peacefully if possible, but he will use his gun if necessary.
It’s been said he “can out-stare a mad cobra or a rogue elephant,” but when “he goes out into the streets of Deadwood in the blazing sun of high noon, he is looking for his lunch, not for someone to shoot.”
In addition to his law enforcement duties, Bullock serves on the Board of Health & Street Commissioners and owns a number of local businesses.
He has a complicated relationship with Al Swearengen and the enmity between the men have resolved into an uneasy truce.
He has a wife and two children.

Sheriff Seth Bullock

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