Ming Song

Beautiful Celestial girl that works at The Black Lotus in Chinatown


Smells of lavendar and lemon. Speaks and writes English much better than she lets on.
Song is worried about her missing sister, Sing. She thinks Preacher Sadler has put her in peril. Sadler paid Mr. Lung, the Black Lotus owner/operator when she failed to return after “special instruction” to learn of Jesus at the church. Mr Lung refuses to do anything about it.


Sought the help of Johnny Clockwork and Gene Cerney in the discovery of her sister’s fate. Traces of Sing were tracked back to a cave on a wooded claim where proof of a struggle and and tobacco were located.

In tent city, rumors were discovered of Johnny Reb whoring out a celestial girl. When Sing was located, Johnny Clockwork housed her.

Mexican Joe came to kill her but he was stopped and arrested. Johnny Reb broke Joe out of prison. But they were recovered by Jake Kilborn’s men thanks to an anonymous tip. The two were turned over to the “care” of local Natives after being framed for a slaughter of members of the tribe.

Justice Jones leveraged the assistance of Elizabeth Tanning to smuggle Sing back East where she would help take care of Johnny Clockwork’s sick wife.

Gene reported back the result to Ming and established confidence.

Ming Song

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