George Washington Grimsley

Co-Owner of the Shady Gulch Herald


Orphaned as a boy, Grimsley was taken in by a wealthy man from Philadelphia named James R, Hutchens. Among other things Mr. Hutchens owned a newspaper and Grimsley learned all about the business from him.
Mr Hutchens agreed to loan Grimsley the funds to start his own paper out West once he had proven his dedication and aptitude during his years of service at Hutchens newspaper.

Upon arriving in Shady Gulch, Grimsley agreed to go in with the Mayor, Mayor Timothy Peabody, who wanted some say in the stories printed and they set about printing the Herald on a weekly basis.


Published an edition of the local paper with a highly edited version of the tale submitted by Eliza Blackstone. The account of the story included no supernatural elements and discredited the ‘heroes of the city’ as little more than scavengers who happened upon already deceased criminals and laid claim to the bounty while returning city funds. His source was credited as anonymous.

George Washington Grimsley

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