Eliza Blackstone

Striking and a bit scandalous. From across the pond


Raven black hair frames a faintly tanned oval face. Her green eyes draw in the gaze of most everyone she addresses.


Ms. Blackstone is a lady, but a bit more rugged than some in society believe propper. She is no Annie Oakley, but she is competent enough with a pistol to be of use in a firefight. However she does her level best to avoid that kind of situation. Her battlefield of choice is in the political one. She isn’t ruthless, she would be fine being the woman behind the throne, but she will have a throne to stand behind. Instead of getting angry about a man’s bias towards women, Eliza has learned to use it to her advantage.

Make no mistake though. The fuse may be long, but it does lead to a large pile of TNT.

She see’s through Preacher Sadler and his bluster.


Eliza Blackstone

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