E.B. Farnum

Mayor of Deadwood


Farnum has a handful of odd mannerisms and facials ticks, but he is generally dismissed as well-intentioned and harmless by the populace.

He is owner of The Grand Central Hotel along with partial investment in a couple of other businesses in Deadwood.


The first camp government was created in 1876, with Ethan “E.B.” Farnum elected as mayor. The ad-hoc government has virtually no power, and exists only on paper as an effort to prove that the camp is a legitimate town. In another effort to establish the camp as a legitimate town, Farnum created the first citizen’s committee which oversee sanitation in the town, although this effort has yet to effect any real improvements.
E.B. Farnum and his wife Mary came from Massachusetts and were among the first to settle in Deadwood on a semi-permanent basis. Farnum prospered by opening Deadwood’s first retail store. He also secured a great deal of the property on Main Street, which he leases to other businessmen, and holds a stake in several of the more successful mining operations. Although not as filthy rich as Swearengen, Farnum is rather well-to-do.
Being Mayor of Deadwood is a bit like being the Admiral of a sardine pond, but he takes his title and minimal duties very seriously. Farnum infrequently acts as a judge, performs marriages, and attempts to levy business taxes with varying degrees of success.

E.B. Farnum

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