Bonnie Brubaker

Small, plain woman with an unnerving stare


Claims to have had a rendezvous with Joseph Ramsey in Kansas City while married to another man.
Her husband ended up dead and Bonnie claims that Joseph killed him in cold blood after finding out that she was with child and the two men had an argument about who fathered it.

She has been using up her wealth and connections to pursue and harass Joseph throughout the West with charges of murder, theft, larceny, and assault.

She briefly gave up her pursuit in order to give birth to her son whom she named Joseph. Once her child was weaned from her milk, she picked up where she left off, only now with little Thomas in hand, and set out to ruin Joseph’s life as he had ruined hers.


Brought a legal case of murder against Joseph. Her case was defeated by evidence collected from St. Louis where the same case had been previously tried. Joseph had been pronounced innocent.

Currently spending time with Quick Mike Drummond.

Bonnie Brubaker

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