Al Swearengen

Ruthless owner of the Gem Saloon


Swearengen is the ruthless owner of the Gem saloon, the first brothel of Deadwood, and the main power broker in the boomtown. Has an icy relationship with Sheriff Seth Bullock.Al.jpg.jpg


Swearengen was one of the first non-miners to enter the town, in the hopes of profiting by providing the miners with entertainment. He built a small saloon, and found it so profitable that he quickly built a larger saloon and brothel called the Gem Variety Theatre.
Swearengen makes no pretenses about who he is. He is a pimp and drug dealer, and he doesn’t try to hide or justify it. Swearengen maintains his position with wealth and brute force and has an army of henchmen. His ridiculous wealth also makes him a pillar of the community, because many civic improvements are funded by Swearengen’s “charitable contributions.”
Swearengen is a greedy bastard, but he protects his town. Anything which has the potential to disrupt his business is viewed as a threat. Sheriff Bullock would like nothing more than to wipe out Swearengen and his gang, but he is simply too powerful to confront.

Al Swearengen

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