There Comes a Reckoning

Wednesday Business

Eliza's Journal Excerpt

I make it back to the hotel without seeming to be noticed. My blood is pumping far too much for sleep and leaf through my grimoire to study the information given to me from Ruby. “Window to the soul” piques my interest and I study intently staying up nearly too late to get enough sleep for the night. I wake the next morning for breakfast as usual and at this point we are merely waiting for responses so I return to my room to study more.

On Wednesday Mr Cerney suggests we bolster up support a bit and asks me to go to Frank Bryant at the Miner’s Alliance or Al Swearingin. Given the nature of Swearingin’s establishment I opt for the Alliance first hoping to have escort for the Swearengin. I head to Ayres and Wardman Hardware store. I enter and find the gazes upon me. I walk up and announce I am looking for Mr Frank Bryant, the man behind the counter puffs up and states that he is. We have a lovely chat and after I “grease the wheels” to the tune of $50. He also says he will go talk to Mr Nutall.

Upon meeting back up for supper I inform Mr. Cerney as to the details of the meeting and he says he would still like to go talk to Nutall. I say that is probably a good idea. He also mentions it attempted a meeting with Swearengin and it went poorly. He asks if I will go and I agree provided I have an escort. There is trouble finding one and eventually meeting for dinner I find both Johnny and Joseph amenable to the task. We arrive and I walk up and introduce myself to the bar tender who just goes by Dan.

I meet with Al Swearengin. He… lives up to much of the colorful reputation. After the slight delay waiting for the woman leaving from under the desk, the meeting goes fairly well. He does have an issue with Wild Bill Hickock, and this is the hinge upon which his support swings. If we deter Hickock from his interest in Swearengin, the latter will support our telegraph endeavor. I had thought that he was deceased, however rumors of his demise are true, the state of his being is now harrowed.

I head down the stair to see a shorter man talking to Johnny and Joseph and after heading down the stairs I notice she is, in fact, a woman. I interject myself into the conversation. Her name is Calamity Jane. She was a friend to Wild Bill during his life time and says he is different now. Out for blood to take out those that killed him. This all lines up with him being harrowed, though skews a little to something more sinister. Calamity has had contact with him post mortem and he is different, but not a mindless beast bent purely on revenge. One of the few left is one Jack McCall. Scruffy beard, might be mixed, either Indian or mexican she is not sure. I offer her employ to point out Mr McCall to us. She seems hesitant about something, but is also a little too tempting an offer for her.

For breakfast Thursday morning we begin discussing the status of our dealings. Mr Cerney inquires as to my meeting with Swearengin. I gloss over the minutia but mention that he requires a task to fully support our telegraph line and fill them in on the issue. That task is to curtail Wild Bill’s interest in Swearengin. He is vague as to both the interest and how to curtail it. It is during this that Calamity Jane makes an appearance. Someone, I forget who as this breakfast devolves a bit into chaos, but someone talks of killing Wild Bill. This of course plays very poorly with Calamity as she is love (claims platonically) with Wild Bill. It is quite vexing for me as it seems the people I associate with are quite quick to murder. At any rate the discussion becomes heated. I snap at poor Ms. Frost. So flustered by the situation in general and growing perturbed with how much her mystery is confounding me. She gets up and leaves the table apparently too cross (and perhaps wise) to stay at the table. Our fast broken we also break ranks from the table. Opting for a more private arena to discuss.



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