There Comes a Reckoning

The Stakeout and The Hunt

Eliza's Journal Excerpt

At dinner Ms. Frost lays out a plan to watch the children, splitting the group to watch both children’s houses. Cyrus mentions it is likely to only attack one child and probably moved to the young boy. It is difficult to argue the logic and to my shame he knows a bit more about the occult than I. The group agrees and we focus on all of us on the young lad’s home. Frost says she will go to Sophie’s because she wouldn’t be much help in the event we run into the creature. I ask her why she was going to go on the stakeout if she couldn’t be of help. She proceeds to tell me this was never part of her plan as she wouldn’t be help. This may very well be true, but if her interest is to gather information for a story, why wouldn’t she want to be where the action is expected to be? I also remember how quick to action and sure she was at the suddenness of men falling from the sky. Things are starting to not add up with this woman. Though I am very much at a loss as to what it might be.

After we have dined, Frost goes to the Potts’ residence to inquire about staying there with Sophie. While she is gone we try to determine how to get the house. We realize she would be helpful to get us there and consider going to find her as she arrives back at the hotel. Apparently unable to convince Mr Potts regarding her staying.

She guides us to the Carpenter residence and en route reveals a ruse for Mr Carpenter. She will inform him of the attack on Sophie and that similar odd happenings are going around his son. This appears to go poorly. She parts ways with us to retire for the evening. Something I still find quite odd, but I stay quiet at this point. Once I am confident she is out of earshot I comment that it is quite queer a journalist is not interested in possibly being an eye witness should the creature appear. Especially given the subject matter of the majority of her articles. Cyrus and Joseph agree this is odd, but not a single one of us has a thing to do about it.

The three of us stand around discussing the bible until sundown. The discussion pauses as we notice Joseph manifests his playing cards. He informs us he is turning the chambered round into a magically enhanced silver one! This is most incredible. I know the man had some talents, but I wish I could bend reality so. Cyrus offers to do something quite similar and after a short prayer the three bullets in my gun poised to fire first are now enchanted as well. Shortly following this the Sherriff’s deputy ambles up the sidewalk. He is concerned with a lady such as myself out so late in a dangerous boom town. I let him know Joseph is escorting me back to the hotel and thank him for the concern. I wrap my arm around Joseph’s and he seems surprised at first but I comment, for the deputy’s benefit, that he is such a gentleman for escorting me properly in this rough and tumble town. He relaxes and this seems to calm the deputy’s worry. After we travel far enough as to not be detected by said Deputy I slip my arm from his and speak the curse that hides me in shadows. Before I can think of how rude this must seem I am whispering “Do try to keep up” before heading off back to the Carpenter house. Perhaps I just lack tact or perhaps I am a little jealous of the abilities of Joseph and Cyrus. They don’t need to risk their souls to twist a curse and I should love to say the same for myself after all. This thought pops in and out of my head as I stalk around the homestead. I glance up at that section just below the roof as the accounts have the creature appearing from there, but I also do not want to miss a thing so I am scanning about the house and boarding tree line. My mind has wondered back to my wounded pride when I hear Cyrus shout my name and begin quoting the bible. I take off fast as I can in the direction quickly confirming the chase is afoot. As my boots pound the soft earth I feel… energized like I could make extra efforts then usual at the moment and while maintaining my extra cover from the shadows I scan for the creature. My senses are seemingly heightened thanks to the preacher’s efforts, but my search for the beast we are chasing remains unsuccessful.

After what seems like ages there is a break in the wooded area and I see the figure from Ms. Frost’s stories in the lamp light of tent city. This mysterious figure seems to be holding her own against the creature but mortal versus evil can turn quickly and I stop as soon as my curses will affect the beast trying out my newest addition. A most wicked grin graces my lips as I see the thing scratch and claw at its throat. Confusion growing to panic. This is truly a scrumptious taste of power. Gun shots and scuffle ring out, the details a bit lost to me as I am focused on the panic and pathetic attempts of the thing to end its chocking.
When it seems our quarry is now safely a corpse I venture forth. The commotion and gunshots have stirred the area and a crowd is gathering. I do not wish for the deputy to see me but I must confirm my fear. While peering over the body I know for certain and mumble “This isn’t the same creature from the gallows attack” I do believe this is heard, but I twist the curse to bring my shadows back to me and head to my room sans escort lest I need answer questions to the law.



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