There Comes a Reckoning

Sunday April 15th (evening)

We done shot up some bank robbers as they were headin’ outta town. We got two and winged 2 o’ the others but three of them skinned out. Eliza yelled that a couple more were fixin’ to skin out down Pine so we headed over there. But we were two late and a couple more made off on horses. They got the sheriff in the guts but he looks like he’ll pull through. That no good scumbag of deputy got his wind knocked out, probably trippin’ over himself trying to get out of the way. The bad news is they got the Doc on the way outta town. He was shot in the chest and Eliza said he wasn’t gonna make it. Joe had the way o’ things and drew his pistol to finish the Doc off. It was the right thing to do. But I had to stop him cuz I reckoned the townsfolk wouldn’t want to see the Doc with a bullet in his head. May not be good for the sheriff after all. Eliza suggested to the mayoe that he deputize me right away. Looks like this is fixin’ to get interesting.

We set out of town with Wes, Marty, and Butch Cole, the hardware store owner. On the way out of town the Preacher was firebrandin’ to bring the Lord’s protection down on us. I stopped and told him I reckoned he built up enough in his ledger so he could get back to his gamblin’ and whore chasin’. Joeseph told the preacher we could use his guns if he wanted to climb up in the wagon. Preacher told us he was needed back in town to minister to his flock. I told him he could start with Chinatown, as usual.

My mind was taken abruptly away from my journal with the violent interruption of an explosion. I moved swift as a coyote down into the streets. I’m sure it was quite the sight as I have never attempted to run that quickly dressed in my Sunday best. I do think everyone was a bit too occupied to notice however, as a band of ruffians on Main Street were firing indiscriminately into the town’s buildings and by extension townsfolk. I slipped into the shadows and quietly moved with purpose to the bank where the explosion clearly originated from. Upon approaching the bank I noticed Deputy Oldman was lain out in the street. I broke from cover to tend to the man, this was a relatively safe action as the gang was moving down Main Street away from us. I quickly surmised that the Deputy had not been shot, but was likely suffering the ill effects of standing a touch too close to a rather large explosion. He is a man of dubious moral character, but I have no way of telling if he was a victim of happenstance or the victim of a plan that got messy. Perhaps even outlaws have a distaste for slimy little worms that try to play both sides…

At any rate he was as useful as ever. lying there in the street gasping for air like a fish in a desert. I advised him to lift his arms above his head and concentrate on breathing. I had trouble with the first and I don’t think he could do much but mind his inhaling and exhaling, but it was all I could do to help. I hurled a curse into the gaggle of bandits. It felt like a solid hit, but in the dark and chaos I am not sure how much good it did. As the gang headed down I noticed not all the gunshots were originating from the direction of the group on Main Street. I shouted loud as I could that more of the band was raising hell on Pine Street. This was a little too late however as they where already down the road where it meets up with Main Street on the way out of town.

In the aftermath I hear The Widow Tanning screaming about the Doc being injured. I rush over to render aid. Satisfied she has done her best Elizabeth goes to check on her father. Sadly the Doc has a sucking chest wound and there is nothing to do for the poor soul but send him quicker to Jesus to save him pain. I try to help him let slip his mortal coil, but I prove inefficient and about as much good as the cowards bullet seems to be at the task. Luckily Justice was there to dispense a little mercy as well.

It’s at this time I head back to the bank to see the extent of the damage. I am drawn away yet again by Elizabeth’s cries for help, this time it’s her father the Sheriff. He has a gut shot, it’s bad. He is putting on quit the brave face, and I admit it pushes my buttons a bit to see a father going through so much to protect his daughter. I manage to find a away to send her away satisfied that her father will be fine. I am not so sure. It looks like the shot went clean through, which is good. However it also looks to be far past my skills on the matter of medicine, and the only Doc I know of for miles and miles happened to pass away recently.

While my mind is racing I am dimly aware of the Mayor attempting to… mayor. It goes poorly. I call him and take him aside. I suggest he deputize Mr. Jones as the man in line is hardly a proper law man. I didn’t work it out with the Sherrif, but I figured he would back Justice. What I failed to account for was the man’s foolish machismo. He is polite in regards to my idea, but steadfastly and resolutely declares he needs a posse to ride with him. This is absurd. The list of reasons why he shouldn’t go is numerous. Sadly the reasons are weighted too heavy in his mind for common sense to prevail. It is the folly of men. I tried my best reminding him poor Elizabeth surly cannot take the loss of her father while still mourning her beloved husband. Luckily Justice mentions his work will be for not if he parishes on the trail. Though he may have worded it in a slightly different tone and not just the baritone.

The Sheriff is bravely making a speech to the townsfolk. When another thought strikes me like a slap when he keeps asking for horses. What of Ms. Brillo at the livery? Justice must have the idea too as we both take off for the livery. He out paces me a bit but we arrive around the same time to find she is hogtied and what seems to be embarrassed that she was jumped. I do say I quite admire the woman. The good news is that Ms. Brillo is okay, however there are no horses for her to supply. Understandably she is worried about her lively hood. I assure her a posse from the town is forming and we will chase those hooligans to the ends of the Earth lest the criminal population of the area think Shady Gulch is a victim.



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