There Comes a Reckoning

Sunday April 15th

The Sheriff wakes up and is felling alright. Elizabeth wants him to rest, but he insists on heading out for the day. He offers to escort me to church and I accept, pleased to have more time with the man in a proper manner. We stop off at the jail first and Justice fills him in on both the ambush and key parts of the story about the Celstials. Mainly that the girl tried to kill Lung.

We head off to church and, as the Sheriff has decided to rest at the office, Johnny Clockwork escorts me to church. The Preacher makes a point of looking at each of us companions during. He talks us up for a second, then takes us down. Based on his sermon he makes excuses for himself. “As long as you believe in Jesus and accept him all is forgiven.”

Elizabeth inquired about the exchange between Justice and The Preacher. A Stagecoach arrived today. It appears it is Mayor Peabody returned from Wyoming. The Mayor is excitedly telling a tale of the attack. He brought a Negro newspaperman in to run the Shady Gulch newspaper his name is Grimsly. He will pay $1 for a story with collaborated. Grimsly took a loan from the Mayor to open the place. Mayor is also partial owner of the Shady Gulch Herald.

I go to the Celestial heroin den with Clockwork because he is concerned about a girl there named Song that Justice and Joe may have put in danger. I have no success in finding information, however Mr. Clockwork talks one of the girls into taking him into a darkened room where she is recovering. He wants to go in and rescue her.



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