There Comes a Reckoning

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December Post

What a whirlwind the last few days have been. After the stake out last night and the seeing the power that Cyrus can call upon is breathtaking. I feel almost in a daze because before I know it Wednesday and I’m walking to the bakery to teach class. It goes by smoothly nothing out of the ordinary comes up thank goodness. I need a slight mental break after this last week. Back at Aunt Lou’s the group I have come to know over the past few days is having dinner. I sit down and make idle chatter. Cyrus mentions checking out the opera and I perk up. I have yet to go to the local show despite several invitations from unwelcome parties. I ask Cyrus if it would be okay if I join him for the evening show. He agree’s and I’m quite excited to have a night of normalcy.

I meet Cyrus downstairs and we stroll over to the Opera House. The greeter at the box office seems quite out of place and I’m wondering if he was called in to cover for someone or if something else is bothering him… I shake my head and tell myself " December you are here to have a night to relax not investigate anything". As we walk in the building we are greeted by a glamorous lady who offers to take us to some better seats if we simply follow her to the balcony. I’m not afraid to admit that I was comprehensive and on edge the whole time waiting to get tricked into a closet or something but luckily she actually brought us to the balcony. I look down at the crowd and see a rowdy bunch of cowboys who aren’t here to get some culture but to ruin the show for the rest of us. Across the way an elaborately dressed Indian catches my eye and we smile at each other and he nods and lifts a glass. I smile warmly back and shortly after we are seated champagne arrives courtesy of the stranger!

When the show goes to intermission we head over to our friendly stranger to thank him and introduce ourselves. We sit down to enjoy the rest of the show.

After the show is over we get to talking and lo and behold Cyrus and company were supposed to actually be meeting with when they arrived to town. Cyrus relays the tale that on their way here to Deadwood that they saved some people and they told Cerney, Cyrus and company to find Charlie. Something about needing magic to cleanse the lands. The champagne sneaks up on me and I zone out a little bit but I catch something about ghost dancers? Ravens? I’m pretty sure they don’t mean the birds…. Charlie is extremely upset that Cerney has not relayed the information about Wallis Blount and started to look for him after their meeting the other day.

The loudness of Charlies voice with frustration snaps me about of my daze. I ask a few questions and try to remember the important details about the missing Mr. Blount. He is a prospector, his spot is 12 miles south by south west of deadwood. The only time he came into town was to talk to the claims clerk and go to the bar. Apparently he saw these Raven’s out in the middle of nowhere dealing with Kang who most people know is the major opium dealer in our area. After Blounts recent visit in town he hasn’t come back and is overdue from his usual routine. Cyrus apologizes to Charlie about not looking into Blount since he is just now receiving this information.

We part ways with Charlie and we head back to the hotel to rest for the evening. I am a bit restless thinking about the swirling motions of various events happening in this town. Is there a bigger picture I’m not seeing? Is Blount still alive? Doubtful. I frown at the thought, there used to be a time when I was more optimistic but the events that have come to witness over my short life has worn me down. I certainly hope if the group I have come to know the last few days isn’t going to look for him that I can find him and bring him home or put him to rest.



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