There Comes a Reckoning

Finishing Up the family business

Eliza's Journal Excerpt

We make it to the Green Front. The air is pleasantly thick with perfume. I take a seat as an attendant changes our shoes to one of a selection in a box under the bench. Ruby mentions this attendant is deaf and mute but seems to know to be in the right place at the right time.

I meet the madame, Dora DuFran. She has a rather perturbed looking live parrot in her head dressings. She also appears to be quite young, perhaps 20. I find myself impressed by this. She attempts to engage my employment and I politely decline. Ruby makes an excuse for us to leave insinuating I am a client. I just keep a smile on my face and play along.

We make it up to a room with two bathtubs full of bubbles and champagne in a bucket between them. I am confused, having been expecting a bedroom. I move right along to flustered as I turn from scanning the room to see Ruby fully nude and moving to enter a tub. She sighs contentedly once settled and looks to me. I have recovered from my shock, it has been a while since I have been with family, but I am still probably looking a little awkward. She asks when I last had a proper bubble bath and I think a second saying four days. She is surprised as I have mentioned coming from Shady Gulch. I say the town may not be known for luxury but it can be had in town. She seems a bit disappointed and I think she takes It as a slight. I am probably coming across a little prudish, but I am still not sure about my safety and while I did mention my birthmark to her, it has been quite a while since anyone has seen it.

She hails from Ghost Creek which she reveals to be in California. When I ask her about family nearby she mentions that there is a group of women believed to be witches by Ruby. They hail from Black River. Ruby knows of them because she met with a cousin working with them. She was put to work as a whore, but they also taught her how to handle a firearm as well as some other fighting skills. She mentions that she was responsible for the men flying out the windows. There were some miners that came into some money and they took some liberties.

There is a women in town by the name of Calamity Jane that used to take care of security around the Green Front. A romantic interest of hers, Wild Bill Hickock, was killed and she has sought solace in the drink. This has led to her squandering the good reputation she had earned. All this is important information, but we finally get past the foreplay (I simply could not resist) and get to the good stuff. We share our curses and make plans to teach each other, agreeing to meet the next day at Iron Hill mine. As we wrap up I mention that I am attempting to get a telegraph line between Deadwood and Shady Gulch.



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