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Any Given Sunday

An excerpt from the Journal of Gene Cerney
I found myself reading some very curious material today.  Since Ms. Frost has recently made efforts to endear herself to my motley crew of associates, I thought it prudent to invest some time researching her background.  She claimed to be a sometime writer for the local post.
During her month in the folds of Deadwood, she has written four articles I can locate, each more odd than the last.  Mr. Speakman attested that her writing was of fine sensible quality, but I am inclined to disagree.  Her stories read as store-bought dime novels.  Nearly all focus on a negative circumstance, criminal or otherwise, and the fortuitous appearance of an unknown individual in a long coat, wide brimmed hat, and scarf.  This figure arrives on the scene of trouble in progress and handily puts down wrong-doers as though that person were the hand of justice itself.
And the final story, while attributed to a medicine induced fever, is an account of a miner who claimed to see monsters at a local mine.  It all makes for entertaining reading to be sure, and I’d be curious to know if there is any truth to any of it.  But I would hardly call these stories sensible.

But I suspect, as a schoolteacher, Ms. Frost is trying to create a positive example for her students in the form of an heroic figure of sound character to which they can aspire. In that practice, I can imagine her serving her students and community well, even if the sensationalist tone in her writing damages some credibility. I am sure it helps maintain an audience for the local gazette as the tales are, in each case, entertaining.
When I’ve more time, I should like to speak to her about it.  But in the mean-time, the spark of adventure has struck me and I am inclined to go bail out Justice and take a short trip to this mine. Perhaps I too am finding my curiosity peaked by these colorful stories.  My card-playing companion will have to find ways of settling his debt with the barkeeper at the Wooly Buffalo of course, but that is his affair and not mine.  Though, if he does land himself in jail again as a result of truancy, I shall leave him there.  It does me no good here in Deadwood to associate myself with troublemakers when I am trying to sway the council in favor of committing sums of money to my telegraph project.


Just so we are all clear, this post is not me hating on Ashley’s character, her, or the wiki newsarticles. This is just Gene writing in his public journal.

Any Given Sunday

Sssuuuuuuuurrrrrreeeeeeee just crushing my dreams

Any Given Sunday

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